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REPLY Guest #93 I know I'm here on the bottom at 3am and nobody will probably even get this far but I LMAO reading all the ridiculous remedies for scratch repair. REPLY Fixer #57 indeed the ending of the second video scared the living ©[email protected] outta me. Nytridr #9 I hate to say it but some kids are very very stubborn. It doesnt work no matter how much i try it.

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To prevent damage to your CD player, make sure that CD's are completely dry and free of excess polishing products or waxes before you attempt to play them. REPLY Subhan #25 I've saved many CDs by polishing firmly with a micorfiber cloth. Note: Read the Warnings section as well as the methods before proceeding so that you are fully aware of what can go wrong when attempting to repair a CD. Removing a lot of plastic can affect the refractive property of the lens making the data unreadable. http://www.wikihow.com/Fix-a-Scratched-CD

How To Fix A Scratched Cd With Toothpaste

Advertisement Latest Giveaways Matrix Creator for Raspberry Pi Review and Giveaway Matrix Creator for Raspberry Pi Review and Giveaway Joe Coburn December 2, 2016 02-12-2016 AppKettle, The Smart Kettle (Review and I have used toothpaste on several occasions and found that most times it worked only on shallow scratches. McFloppy 1,313,150 views 8:27 Repair any type of scratched cd game or disc for $3 or less! - Duration: 3:59.

One stubborn disc had about 10 cleans as it continually stopped reading the further I progressed in the game, and each clean let me keep going until I completed it. However, what happens when there’s a significant scratch on the outer surface of the polycarbonate layer? Thus, cleaning the disc should always be the first step. 2 Run warm water over the damaged disc to remove dust. 3 If there is stubborn dirt or grease on the How To Remove Deep Scratches From A Cd still worked straight away.. :) Reply Fixer_FIN May 11, 2015 at 10:28 am One X360 game fixed, another almost done (needs one or two times toothpasting, every time it loads further),

Just insert the damaged CD, DVD, HD DVD (if you still use them) or Blue-Ray disc and the software will show you the list of files and folders found on the How To Remove Scratches From A Cd With Vaseline Data is stored on the foil or dye layers on the top of the disc (label side) and the protective top layer is very thin by comparison to the polycarbonate plastic la #62 re: Toothpaste video ending That's freakin' AWESOME. http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/repair-scratched-cd.htm Riding at night became dangerous because of the "headlight flare" of oncoming cars.

I am passionate about Computers, Programming, Internet and the Technologies that drive them. Cd Refinishing Machine Sign in to make your opinion count. REPLY lexus #63 toothpaste did not work for me nd i really want to watch twilight wht should i do Paul Michael #64 I didn't see the last few seconds of How could smearing a paste on the surface of your CD save the data that lies within?

How To Remove Scratches From A Cd With Vaseline

When you flip over a CD and hold it up to the light to look for a scratch, what you’re looking at is the “thick” polycarbonate plastic layer.

Marlena #47 I was watching the videos and was unpleasantly surprised when at the end of the second video the one from YouTube there was static then a series of very How To Fix A Scratched Cd With Toothpaste The toothpaste can obviously get trapped in the scratches so thoroughly cleaning it off well after the buffing is an important step! Cd Scratch Remover Machine I use McGuire's ( It is for my vintage Mercedes) it's used by almost all professional car finishing shops & collectors.

Oh gosh, I had no idea I was exposed to creepy stuff that intensely until now, LOL! weblink Why not just dip your CD in ketchup, jelly or dish soap for that matter? TheHelpfulChannel 146,011 views 3:13 Repair CDs with a Microwave! - Duration: 1:33. A number of common household products can be used to polish the CD, but toothpaste (especially baking soda toothpaste) and Brasso are probably the most tried and true. How To Fix A Scratched Xbox 360 Game

CD/DVD only) - Duration: 3:50. YouGuest #78 It's never been introduced to the body of my car, but I keep a bottle of Turtle Wax tucked away in my media cabinet just for CD's and DVD's. If this happens, the data is lost forever as it is not repairable by any means. navigate here Fills in the scratch like a charm.

none of them worked and after i tried this it still did't work PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!Try white toothpastewell, there is one more thing you can use..... How To Fix A Scratched Cd With A Banana Working with kids to help them become self-disciplined is a great deal of work in the beginning, but it can pay off with years of much fewer problems. You can put a scratch in THAT side of the disk with a light fingernail touch....and if you put any damage on that side IT IS UNREPAIRABLE!

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The surface around the scratch should begin to look shiny with many tiny scratches. Loading... Works awesomely. Cd Scratch Remover Walmart Will dog tits fix cd?

To remove deep or stubborn scratches quickly, try using a dry "Mr. Hmmm, no grinder, I do have an orbital buffer...but the pad probably has so much dirt it will make new scratches,...and that's $10 for a new pad. You can visit him on Twitter or his website. his comment is here The trick is to not let it get to dry or you will put burn marks on it.

The truth about the toothpaste claim comes out when you take a look at how a CD actually works. Use only as a last resort, and read the instructions carefully. 1 Polish the CD. Leech, Planet Green Tech | Audio NEXT PAGENEXT Achim Prill/istockphoto DCL In our quest to reuse and restore everyday household items, such as CDs, there have been a number of If you've ever owned a CD or DVD, you've certainly had to deal with scratched up, unreadable media.

Reply Neels Hattingh August 14, 2009 at 5:12 am I have heard Brasso does the trick. Squeeze a smidgen of paste on the CD and rub it in using a straight sweeping motion with your finger from the center radius of the CD to the outside. REPLY Bill Morrow #71 Bill Morrow I use a machine designed for resurfacing cd's and dvd's etc. damn.

I was astounded at the results: my face shield was 100% like new with no scratches at all. Did this article help you? nickisntfamous 52,040 views 3:12 How to Get Scratches off a Game Disc! - Duration: 4:47. In any case, wouldn't you lose the memory or data that was before the scratch?

I have high end stereo components on the floor. Pull it out on the sides as carefully as possible. Whit3boy Gaming 86,024 views 4:03 Does Toothpaste Really Clean Scratched VIDEO Games / DVD Discs??? - Duration: 7:50. Results: 0/5 This worked.

Those images on the toothpaste video (second video) are totally freaky. Some devices have a screw where you can adjust the pot. Also, I am not in favor of circular rubbing, despite what some people say. Read more.

Writers are generally more precise and can see the tracks better. aba tada 309,702 views 7:43 How to Fix a Scratched or Damaged Disc and Unreadable Disc Error for Xbox, Playstation, and PC - Duration: 7:26. disturbing!! Then I dry it off with a microfiber cloth or some other lint free substance.