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Backup devices such as tape drives and tape libraries can sometimes lose contact with the Retrospect server. Clear the Enable Retrospect Launcher service check box and click OK. There may be a problem with the volume being scanned. Common Questions This section answers common questions about setting up and configuring Retrospect Clients, backing up files locally and over the network, Backup Sets, Catalogs, devices, and media. this content

Yes it will if the devices are similar, with the same kind of mechanism. You cannot find the files you want to restore. Catalogs must be saved on different volumes. Go to Configure>Preferences>Security.

Retrospect Error Codes

Passive networking hardware, such as hubs and bridges, may not forward network information Retrospect needs to work with TCP/IP clients. Configure Retrospect to run as a specific user. Troubleshooting Networks When you have network problems with Retrospect or clients, start by identifying a pattern of failure.

Express HD - How do I my restore data? Retrospect has a system for recognizing media and for adding them to Backup Sets. Check that its status field says “Ready” or “Waiting for first access.” Make sure the client computer is connected to the network and its network settings are correct. Retrospect Error 1101 File Directory Not Found Retrospect reports verification errors.

Do these computers have any commonality like version of operating system, computer model, or network card? Retrospect Support The error will occur any time Retrospect has autolaunched and you have Microsoft networking volumes in your script. To view this estimate, click Configue>Backup Sets. With a little effort, you can learn how to troubleshoot many problems on your own.

A "map" of your network layout would be helpful. Retrospect Error -505 Backup Client Reserved For less than thirty dollars per client, Retrospect client software allows Retrospect to back up Windows and Mac OS computers over a network without moving the backup device. It is not a question of numbers, but more a question of resources. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended list of brands.

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You selected Skip or Missing while configuring a Backup Set, or you are performing a New Backup Set backup. http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/149954-upgraded-to-retrospect-80-many-errorsunsuccessful-backups/ Files that were backed up to the missing member will be backed up again, if possible, during your next Progressive Backup. Retrospect Error Codes Also see USB/USB 2.0/USB 3.0, your SCSI card’s user’s guide, and the manual that came with your hardware device. Retrospect Customer Support See Erasure Preference.

You might also consider purchasing a tape library, a backup device which holds a magazine of many tapes. news Turn on the “Automatically reuse named media” preference to avoid this scenario. Retrospect reports the disk is full while copying during restore. Without a Snapshot, you cannot: restore a volume to its exact state as of a given backup, as you would after a crash, for example; restore the Windows registry (necessary when Retrospect Backup Client Reserved

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2016 Retrospect, Inc. Try to back up through a direct connection between the host and client computer. have a peek at these guys Retrospect 6.5 and Later Retrospect 6.5 and later includes an option to configure Retrospect to run under a specific user account.

Causes of error 519 range from a simple software conflict on an individual workstation to a faulty network component that does not cause trouble during normal (non-backup, less intensive) use. Retrospect Proactive Backup Open the Retrospect Client control panel on the client computer and check whether the client software was loaded at startup and whether it is turned on. If backups work at other times, review what is happening at the original time on your network or on this client.

Use the same destination Backup Set.

Also try turn off any firewall program which can cause the backup to hang. Never had a bad backup on this computer with 7.7.Did an incremental backup to an existing backup set (created with 7.7) and I received too many errors to count which resulted The next time Retrospect requests a new member for a Backup Set, it will automatically use this or any other erased tape in the backup device. Retrospect Updates If this solves the problem, place the suspect configuration file in the recycle bin. (Retrospect creates a new configuration file using the default settings.) If you do not want to recreate

If you run backups in different physical network segments, traffic on one segment will not affect other segments. Swap ports and cables with a nearby client that is not experiencing network trouble or producing errors. Mac OS X client file/folder permissions and Access Control Lists (ACLs) Before restoring or duplicating to a volume on a Mac OS X client, you must prepare the volume if you http://newsocialweb.org/retrospect-error/retrospect-backup-1102-error.html Try other media to see if any match the Catalog you are using.

SCSI voodoo may require you to rearrange the devices on the chain, change the termination, assign new IDs, or replace SCSI cables. (Short cables cause less problems than long ones.) In Look for patterns. Try to back up with a direct connection between the host and client computer. How do I determine a working speed threshold for the client execution option?

Click Test. Incorrectly Scheduled Script: Check the list of future scripted operations to confirm that Retrospect has the same schedule you expect your scripts to run. In these cases, Retrospect still checks all files on the Backup Set media to make sure that they are readable. Windows computers configured for TCP/IP have built-in ping commands.

Install Retrospect on another computer, if available, and try the device there as the only device. Tips and late-breaking information Securing Retrospect To prevent Retrospect from being accessed by unauthorized Mac and iOS versions of Retrospect, it is strongly recommended that you set an access password for You must restore by Snapshot and leave on the option to copy security information. Network Troubleshooting Techniques Testing and Pinging to Verify TCP/IP Communication Use the Test button in the live network window to see if Retrospect can connect to a computer on the network

If there are still errors, it is an indication that there is a problem with the device.