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For example, if Retrospect stopped with an assert error with the text "module.cpp-457", search the web database for this phrase. Disconnect all external peripherals from the client computer and try backing up the internal hard drive. Please try the request again. It is generally fine to run file serving software on the same computer as Retrospect but keep in mind the more you ask your server to do, the more likely you http://newsocialweb.org/retrospect-error/retrospect-7-7-error-1101.html

A quick way to test if a catalog file is corrupt is to perform a searching restore, entering any file name in the space when prompted, to force Retrospect to load Try a clean installation of the operating system. Further Troubleshooting First, identify when the error occurs. Scanning a source volume in a backup or duplicate operations While very rare, Retrospect can report one of these errors during scanning of a source volume. https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/tech_note_415_troubleshooting_error_519

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Specifically, if you have changed an ATAPI device configuration, verify that you have the device DIP switches set properly for master and slave devices. If you recently changed your configuration, verify that the changes you made were made correctly, and/or consider reversing the changes as a test, to see if that clears up the problem. Look for patterns. Try storing your catalog files on a different hard disk.

After cleaning the heads, re-try the restore. Try switching a wireless client to a wired connection to see if it helps. Check the Client connection speed under Configure>Clients>Properties>Refresh (Windows). If your device is external, you may also try using it on a different computer, if you have one available.

Run Check Disk or disk verification on the volumes associated with this client computer. Follow these steps to troubleshoot: Clean the heads on the tape drive. If there are still errors, it is an indication that there is a problem with the device. https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/1001_unknown_windows_error_when_copying_security_information When Retrospect reads a chunk of data (for example when opening its configuration file, or reading file information out of the backup set catalog during the Matching step of a backup),

If this occurs, check the disk for corruption using the built in Windows disk checking utility, or another disk utility program. All rights reserved. If you cannot retrieve the data from a different backup set, simply try the restore again. In addition, if it is a laptop, it may have a different boot setup (Hardware Profile) while it is docked.

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Last Update: June 9, 2015 About Us Press Support Privacy Downloads Upgrade Buy Try Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Spiceworks YouTube Kiva Blog Choose your language: Deutsch English English-AU English-UK Español Français Any help would be much appreciated. Retrospect Error Codes Connect devices directly the computer. Among the most stressful of network activities is network backup, which can reveal weak links in your network infrastructure not readily apparent during less stressful activities.

If you add a source directly by address rather than by using one of the discovery modes, Retrospect will often log a -519 error when the source is unavailable, no matter news Refer to the Retrospect User's Guide for detailed information regarding SCSI termination. Tim________________________________Retrospect 8.2 (399), Retrospect 9.0 (319)Mac Pro 3.2 GHz Quad-Core10 GB RAM, OS 10.6.8ATTO ExpressPCI UL5D SCSI HBA Back to top #6 Lennart Thelander Lennart Thelander Digital Master Members 454 posts If the problem involves the backup drive itself, test another backup drive for comparison or, as in the next step, move the drive to another computer to see if the problems

If you don’t own a tape drive head cleaner, this could be the root problem: most tape drives require regular cleaning of the heads. You may get an error at that time that includes "can't save Snapshot". Try restoring the data from a different backup set. have a peek at these guys If a backup set catalog file (typically stored on your hard disk) is corrupt, you may get an error during matching.

Restart the NAS hardware if needed. Disconnect all external peripherals from the computer except the backup. Turn off any firewall software on the client and backup computer and attempt the connection test again in step 4.

Your settings will automatically be imported from the configs.xml file.

Try a simple restart of the client computer. Try a backup from this new computer to see if the original backup computer was causing the problem. Try different SCSI cards, cables and terminators. Try another ethernet card.

The errors may include but are not limited to: -641 chunk checksum didn't match -642 chunk file map missing/damaged -643 not a chunk file or badly damaged -644 chunk file damaged All rights reserved. SMTP with no authentication or encryption requirements should work without issue. check my blog On Windows, make sure the computer has the latest USB/Firewire card drivers.

Also, verify there is not an energy saver that turns off the client computer during the backup. I haven't seen any obvious reason for this difference. Note on your diagram whether or not hubs are switched. After cleaning the tape drive heads, if appropriate, try your backup operation again using a different tape.

File or Disk Backup Sets If you are backing up to a hard disk or file server (NAS Device), an error -206 may indicate a failure on the backup set media Troubleshooting the Mac Backup Computer Ensure there are no unnecessary activities such as disk optimization, virus scans, screen savers, or memory-intensive or processing-intensive applications running on the client or backup computer