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If the assert_log.utx file in library/application support/Retrospect has been updated recently, support will want to see that file along with a copy of your Operations_log.utx file. No. Should these measures not work, see Testing and Pinging to Verify TCP/IP Communication. You may not be able to determine the cause, given how complex computers are. this content

You may print this window for future reference. If you added a device, try removing it, to see if this makes the error go away. (Remember to restart the computer between tests.) If this solves the problem, look up Chunk checksum error (-641) – Retrospect stores information in its backup set catalogs in "chunks" of data, each stored with a checksum, a number that helps verify data integrity. Isolating the device may be as simple as moving it a few feet away from your video monitor, or if it is on a chain of SCSI, USB, or IEEE 1394/FireWire this website

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If Retrospect reports “different modify date/time…” for a particular file, the most likely explanation is that the file was modified during the backup. Do these computers have any commonality like version of operating system, computer model, or network card? Make a script using the No Files selector then schedule it to run on nights when no backups are scheduled. Get properties to view the performance figures for various client computers and compare them to determine current levels of network performance. • The performance of the backup and/or client computer.

Usually error -206 with a removable storage device such as RDX drive could indicate that a specific disk has a failure. Erasing a tape clears the error state of the tape caused by the previous crash or power failure. Restoring File or Disk Backup Sets Try restoring the data from a different backup set. Retrospect Updates Files that were backed up to the missing member will be backed up again, if possible, during your next Progressive Backup.

For about a minute, observe the speed of each client. Retrospect Error 1101 Try storing your catalog files on a different hard disk. If you do, follow the tips in the note above for "Matching During a Backup." Matching during a restore If you get the error during restore preparation during the Matching phase, https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/what_causes_error_1101_file_or_folder_not_found_on_an_unattended_backup_of_a_microsoft_networking_volume How does one client speed compare with clients that are backing up successfully?

If possible, avoid using encryption on the backup media or link encryption for client computers. Retrospect Backup The best way to recover from this is to rebuild the backup set catalog from the media, using Tools>Repair in Retrospect. Restore Issues When you start a restore, you first select the Backup Set from which you are restoring. Verify that the network is functioning properly.

Retrospect Error 1101

Use the subnet broadcast access method instead. All rights reserved. Retrospect Support The system board or FireWire/USB adapter in the computer may be having a problem. Retrospect Error -505 Backup Client Reserved Follow the manufacturer’s recommended list of brands.

LocalSystem will appear in the field to the right. http://newsocialweb.org/retrospect-error/retrospect-error-641.html Matching during a backup After scanning a source for backup, Retrospect matches the files found on that source with the contents of the media set you are backing up to. What is Retrospect’s network port number? If Retrospect launches fine, then both your live and backup configuration files were likely corrupt. Retrospect Error 1101 File Directory Not Found

Try to back up with a direct connection between the host and client computer. A file with a poof icon indicates the file is on a missing member of the Backup Set. Recheck that each device has a unique SCSI ID. have a peek at these guys Restoring Tape Media failure messages during a restore usually indicate an actual failure of the media on a specific tape.

Obviously this would be very complex to do. Reinstall networking software and drivers. If your file set is located on a file server, there may be network communication problems.

If you do, verify that the error occurs at the same place by repeating the operation.

Update or reinstall the FireWire and USB adapter drivers. At the time of backup you are logged in as user Y who does not have permission to connect to the source server: -1001 (unknown Windows error) When the script was A "map" of your network layout would be helpful. To change the estimate to match your tape’s actual capacity (based on your own experience), uses the Capacity button as described in The Options tab.

Files that generate Media verification errors, by definition, do not match those in the destination Backup Set. Retrospect, Inc. If you do, follow the tips in the note above for "Matching During a Backup." Matching during a restore If you get the error during restore preparation during the Matching phase, check my blog Retrospect will automatically launch when the next script is scheduled to start.

Moving to a new backup computer is explained in detail in Moving Retrospect. Search the vendor web site for Updates. If you added a device, try removing it, to see if this makes the error go away. Look on the root level of your hard disk for a folder with the same name as the Backup Set from which you restored.

For each backup, Retrospect must spend time examining the entire volume to determine which files need to be backed up, regardless of the amount of data that needs to be backed The only choice at this point is to quit Retrospect. You will be forced to enter your license code. Another device on the chain may be interfering with the backup device’s communication.

It cannot be backed up without a full backup 3635 The databases have not been restored to this machine. We have seen these problems caused by specific failing hard disk. Try a backup with Retrospect as the only application running on the backup computer for optimal performance. • The amount of data being copied.